The lights: moon, sun & earth | Spring Collection 2023

The lights: moon, sun & earth | Spring Collection 2023

“Heal yourself with the light of the sun and the rays of the moon… Heal yourself, with beautiful love, and always remember... you are the medicine.” - Advice from María Sabina, Mexican healer and poet.

I have always felt a fascination for the circular shape. Circles have no beginning or end, and they also feel free and soft. Maybe this is the reason I love painting the shape, and although the formal name for a circular artwork is ‘tondo’, I always called my paintings ‘moons’. For years now, every month I have dedicated one painting to each moon, or ‘La luna’, one of my biggest loves.

The lights, moon, sun and earth. Spring Collection 2023 by Ingrid Sanchez. Pink magnolia flourishing during spring in London.


After the last visit to my family in Mexico, I felt a strong calling to my roots, and I started reading all about rituals and the historical importance to people of the moon and sun cycles. I learned that in astrology Moon and Sun are referred to as ‘The Lights’: day-light and night-light, so it is really all about the light!

I suddenly realized that all my life I have looked at the moon and her cycles, but very little of my awareness has gone towards the sun. So this collection was born with the goal of including both lights, the sun and the moon. I also included the earth as a symbol of myself, my own light that is also your light.

Watch the process of the whole collection:


Koi Pond
Floral Moonlight
Koi Pond
Floral Moonlight
Floral Sunlight
Floral Sunlight
Whale Shark and the New Moon
Magnolia Sunrise
Whale Shark and the New Moon
Magnolia Sunrise
In Full Bloom
Mushroom Spirit
In Full Bloom
Mushroom Spirit


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April 11, 2023 — Ingrid Sanchez
Trees | Autumn Collection 2022

Trees | Autumn Collection 2022

I read once that trees are considered to be the connectors between earth and sky, heaven and earth. With their roots growing deep into the earth and strong branches reaching up to the sky, it is not difficult to understand this beautiful symbolism. Who has not given a hug to a tree and felt like they are hugging back?

Somehow in the last couple of years this concept came back to me and I started to observe the seasons through the trees and not only the flowers, as I have usually done.

Lots of memories of trees linked to my childhood have become relevant lately. For instance the cypresses that we planted at my parents house and that were present in every photo of my childhood because they literally grew with my sisters and I, had to be cut down because they became too big. Needless to say I was really sad when I received the news.

Trees watercolor paintings, Autumn Collection by Ingrid Sanchez. White tree Hampstead Heath, London.

But I also started to see how many of my friends back in Mexico have been using a sacred tree called The Ceiba to honour their ancestors or celebrate a wedding. My heart jumps with happiness every time I see this, knowing that some are still aware of this connection that remains pretty much a part of our lives.

This year there was not supposed to be an Autumn Collection. I was supposed to be away recovering from a surgery that didn’t happen. So I stayed and decided to celebrate the decisions that are made on our behalf, with a collection inspired by these magical beings.

‘Trees’ is a collection inspired by the trees that have been part of my life this year. The cherry and magnolia trees that bloom every year in my neighbourhood, some are trees from my trip to California, others are dreams that happened during a full moon. I feel that this collection is still in process, and might change or will welcome more paintings later, only time will tell.

Cherry Tree in Bloom, painting by Ingrid Sanchez.
Equinox Fall Moon art by Ingrid Sanchez. London 2022.
Cherry Tree in Bloom
Equinox Fall Moon
Japanese Tea Garden, watercolor painting by Ingrid Sanchez.
Pink Magnolia wall art by artist Ingrid Sanchez. Autumn Collection 2022.
Japanese Tea Garden
Pink Magnolia
Yellow Tree, original art by Ingrid Sanchez. London, 2022.
Magic Tree, Ingrid Sanchez original art.
Yellow Tree
Magic Tree
Fire Moon in Bloom, watercolor by Ingrid Sanchez. Winter Sky Tree, Ingrid Sanchez, London 2022.
Fire Moon in Bloom
Winter Sky Tree


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October 11, 2022 — Ingrid Sanchez
After the Storm, Spring Collection 2022

After the storm | Spring Collection 2022

During the final months of 2021 I started to feel deeply tired, like a wave of emotions was hitting me in the middle of a storm. I think that I was going through a grieving process resulting from the struggles of the pandemic combined with a long battle with my health.

After the Storm, Spring Collection 2022

I made a long pause for my own wellbeing, which made me realize that art is what has kept me sane all this time. The process of creation is, at least for me, very powerful. All the planning in my head, the constant search for inspiration, the movement of my body while dancing on the paper. But there is so much more. When I paint, I feel like I disappear, maybe because I move and breathe in a way that takes me into a very deep form of meditation. Painting has become a healing process where all I have to do is be present.

One day I finally felt that I was coming out of a storm, and I really wanted to paint this feeling. What happens to us after the struggle? How does mother earth show us that the storm has passed? After the rain we get rainbows, the smell of wet earth and everything looks brighter. This is the energy I poured into my Spring Collection 2022, and I called it: ‘After the storm’.

Blooming Heart, Ingrid Sanchez-Spring Collection 2022
Rain Sprouts, Ingrid Sanchez-Spring Collection 2022
Blooming Heart
Rain Sprouts
Orange Super Bloom, Ingrid Sanchez-Spring Collection 2022
Midnight Whisper, Ingrid Sanchez-Spring Collection 2022
Orange Super Bloom
Midnight Whisper
Everlasting Blooms, Ingrid Sanchez-Spring Collection 2022
Earthy Blossoms, Ingrid Sanchez-Spring Collection 2022
Everlasting Blooms
Earthy Blossoms
Night Blooming Heart, Ingrid Sanchez - Spring Collection 2022 Floral Night, Ingrid Sanchez-Spring Collection 2022
Night Blooming Heart
Floral Night


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March 08, 2022 — Ingrid Sanchez
Portrait of leaves. Autumn Collection by Ingrid Sanchez. London 2021.

Portraits of leaves | Autumn Collection 2021

My latest collections have been dedicated to the gardens and open spaces that have been there for us to walk, get inspired by, meet with friends and somehow, take care of our mental health. This season, I wanted to bring our attention to our homes. Interior plants are also incredibly important to our health. They clean our air, give us company and, with their beauty, can immediately transform any space.

Portraits of leaves, Autumn Collection 2021, Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid.
Artist Ingrid Sanchez, AKA CreativeIngrid painting modern botanical paintings in her art studio located in London. Photo: Azu Morales.


It has always been a natural thing for me to surround myself with plants of all kinds. Many of my plants were once just a piece of root or leaf that I found while walking on the street, others were once dying and put on sale. Almost all of my green companions have a backstory that I cherish. Maybe for this reason I feel so close to them, and it is not unusual for me to name them and put a big deal of time in finding the right spot for the until I sense they are happy. I also talk and sing to them when it is time for a drink, and I love seeing them grow and propagate.


If you are my friend and come to my house, it is quite possible you will leave with a baby plant. It is also very common for my friends and sometimes my students arrive to my studio with a potted plant. Is there anything sweeter than giving or receiving a living plant as a gift?


For my Autumn Collection 2021, I gathered some of my favourite plant companions and painted a portrait of them. This is the first time that I have a whole collection that is focused on leaves rather than flowers. I tried a new approach that also required more planning, but I hope that it will highlight the gratitude I feel for these living beings. It is also my wish that we become more aware of them and their needs; after all they are constantly working to improve the air that we breathe.


Monstera, Blue Magic. Original watercolor painting by Ingrid Sanchez, 2021. Fig Plant Dream, Original art of a Fig plant with bright green and turquoise leaves and a background of a blue galaxy texture. Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid 2021.
Monstera, Blue Magic
Fig Plant Dream
Prayer Plant watercolor with olive green and yellow leaves, finished with details of red and pink. Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid 2021. Corn Plant painting with lots of different green and blue shades and a hint of warm earthy red.  Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid 2021.
Prayer Plant
Corn Plant
Portrait of a Pilea plant with a focus in their unusual leaves, and using earthy tones that resemble a mushroom.  Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid 2021. Plant portrait painting of a Pink Polka Dot using a light pink, different shades of greens and playful leafy shapes with black ink.  Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid 2021.
Pilea Leaves Pink Polka Dot
Large leaves of a Polka Dot Begonia highlighting their white dots over a blending of green shades and a deep burgundy.  Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid 2021. Leaves of a tradescantia plant thriving in a variety of colors, from pale greens, blue, soft pink and burgundy.  Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid 2021.
Polka Dot Begonia Tradescantia


Originals available from this collection

September 03, 2021 — Ingrid Sanchez
Gardens, Spring Art Collection London 2021 by Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid.

Gardens | Spring Collection 2021

I am usually very certain about what I want to paint at the beginning of every season. But this year was different, I changed my mind and twice re-started this collection from scratch. A difficult year and the travel restrictions meant that I had to stay in London in winter for the first time in many years. And it felt like a very long winter, never before has my wait for the arrival of Spring felt so endless.

Gardens-Paintings-Ingrid-Sanchez-CreativeIngrid-Spring-2021-Flower-Art-Collection Pink polka dot plant


Something changed too: I moved to a new house with a small garden. Even though I grew up in Mexico with two gardens at my parent's house, this is the first time in my adult life that I have a garden of my own. I always loved plants and sometimes my house feels more like a greenhouse. I feel like I know a big deal about interior plants, but outdoor plants is a whole other world I've been learning about and studying in the last few weeks.


I've been growing seeds and bulbs in my kitchen, waiting for Spring and warmer weather. During this process of research and preparing the ground of my garden, I realized that I needed to create a collection that felt rawer but soft and delicate, to capture the smell of the earth and the promise of new blooms.


The name of my Spring collection is 'Gardens', and it is dedicated to all those open spaces that have been there for us to walk and be inspired. I know that walking through the different gardens last year helped me to stay positive, every step was a reminder that I was alive and at one with mother earth.


Petit Perennial, modern botanical art by Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid. London Spring 2021. Painting of pink flowers emerging from a magical green background. 'Sunrise Garden' Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid. London Spring 2021.
Petit Perennial
Sunrise Garden
Small yellow flowers and large blooms merging with an ethereal leafy background. 'Soulful Yellow Garden', Spring Collection 2021. London, Ingrid Sanchez. A garden painting filled with small flowers in different shades from light pink to deep purple over a layer of olive leaves and fresh ground. 'Ground Spell Garden', Ingrid Sanchez. Spring Collection 2021, London Art.
Soulful Yellow Garden Ground Spell Garden
A bold colorful garden artwork of flowers in pink, burgundy, purple and orange falling into the dusk. 'Pink Dusk Garden', Ingrid Sanchez. Spring Collection 2021, London Botanical Garden Art. CreativeIngrid.  'Nightfall Garden' is a painting in intense blue and green shades, with a soft pink in the background. Ingrid Sanchez, Art Spring Collection 2021.
Pink Dusk Garden Nightfall Garden
'Rose Garden', original watercolor painting by artist Ingrid Sanchez. Spring Collection 2021. London. White wisteria watercolor painting with bright green leaves and a purple wisteria background. Original art by artist Ingrid Sanchez, AKA CreativeIngrid. London 2021.
Rose Garden White Wisteria


Originals available from this collection


April 22, 2021 — Ingrid Sanchez
DayNight, paintings inspired by flowers and botanicals. Autumn collection 2020. Ingrid Sanchez, AKA CreativeIngrid.

DayNight | Autumn Collection 2020

This collection of watercolors was inspired by the transition of colors between day and night during autumn.

DayNight, Autumn Art Collection, watercolors by Ingrid Sanchez, AKA CreativeIngrid.
Yellow tree in Autumn, London parks.


I have always loved exploring the gardens and forests around London, but this year this became one of the most important practices to maintain a strong body and mind. Walking became a daily therapy, a safe place to meet with friends and something to look forward to on weekends with small expeditions planned by my husband to walk further and discover new places.

In the difficulties of this year I found a deeper connection with the forest. A healing energy emerging with each step under the beautiful trees. London gets very dark during these months and I focused my attention on the changing colors of the season and the light.

This collection is an exploration of the light and the dark, the day and the night. The new colors that emerge when we leave summer behind. My exploration of the energy of the trees will no doubt continue in future collections, but for now here it is: DayNight, my autumn collection for 2020.

Flowers of autumn, original watercolor original by Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid. Blooming night, turquoise botanical painting by Ingrid Sanchez, AKA CreativeIngrid.
Flowers of Autumn Blooming Night
Unfolding, original painting. Falling Leaves, painting of yellow leaves with a blue background. An example of how artist Ingrid Sanchez applies masking fluid and watercolor.
Unfolding Falling Leaves
Into the fall, autumnal flowers hand painted by Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid. Floral Rise, pink flowers over a black night sky. Watercolor by Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid.
Into the fall Floral Rise
Desert dream, starry floral night inspired in the colors of the desert and autumn. Ingrid Sanchez, London 2020. Hidden tree, mixed media painting.
Desert Dream Hidden Tree


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November 20, 2020 — Ingrid Sanchez
Pebble | Summer Collection 2020

Pebble | Summer Collection 2020

It is not a secret that I love plants, but I rarely mention that I also have a deep fascination for rocks, colourful pebbles and minerals. During the lockdown I found comfort in the memories that my pebble collection gave me and the idea of this collection was born.

Pebble Art Collection showcasing original watercolors by artist Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid. pebble heart watercolor wall art by CreativeIngrid


Since my sister and I were little girls we loved collecting stones. We would walk and collect a bunch of them and then sit down, examine and even rate them. We were always in search of the weirdest one, I remember her saying they looked like little planets.

As a result I have lots of little pebbles from lots of parts of the world. Every time I move to a new place I take them with me and I have lived in four different countries!

If my first collection of 2020 was about dreaming with the garden I desperately wanted to visit, my second collection is about another dream or wish: walk again with my sister in a lost beach and look for a planet stone that we can show to our beloved ones.

colorful pebbles watercolor art print-CreativeIngrid pebble beach watercolor by Ingrid Sanchez-CreativeIngrid
Colorful Pebbles Pebble Beach
Cosmic Pebble wall art by Ingrid Sanchez-CreativeIngrid Pebbles Underwater artwork by Ingrid Sanchez-CreativeIngrid
Cosmic Pebble Pebbles Underwater


Originals available from this collection

August 04, 2020 — Ingrid Sanchez
Meanwhile Gardens, Spring collection 2020 by CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez. Original Watercolour Art.

Meanwhile Gardens | Spring Collection 2020

Every painting and every collection that I paint is always personal. I need the energy of an experience to drive my brushes in a way that I can feel what is happening on the paper when I move.

Meanwhile Gardens, Spring collection 2020 by CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez. Original Watercolour Art. Meanwhile gardens in West London. CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez.

This collection was born under the uncertainty and chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the beginning of the year I travelled to NYC to teach a workshop, followed by a trip to Mexico to visit family and then it happened, the virus was becoming a pandemic. Eventually I found my way home to London, just to find out that we were going to be in lock down for an indefinitely time.

Back home I started painting dreaming to go out for a walk with friends to see the gardens, Spring is the most wonderful season in London. I also got the virus and as my body was fighting to feel better, I have to admit I was very scared. Everything I could think about was family, friends and mother earth. I was wondering if I was ever going to be able to see the roses flourish again at Regent Park... and I got better.

When I was able to leave my flat and strong enough to walk, I went to one of my favourite places, a hidden gem in West London: the Meanwhile Gardens. This is the place I always go to walk, rest my mind and gather inspiration. When I arrived and saw the wooden sign at the entrance, I knew this collection was meant to be about this garden. After all it feels that we are living a Meanwhile moment.

Hidden Garden-original watercolor by Ingrid Sanchez, Meanwhile 2020.
Jungle Dream-turquoise botanical watercolor by Ingrid Sanchez, Meanwhile 2020.
 Hidden Garden Jungle Dream
Soul Gathering-floral watercolor by Ingrid Sanchez, Meanwhile 2020.
Meanwhile Garden, watercolor by Ingrid Sanchez, Meanwhile 2020.
Soul Gathering Meanwhile Garden
Dusk Garden-watercolor by Ingrid Sanchez, Meanwhile 2020.
Into the Sunrise-floral art by Ingrid Sanchez, Meanwhile 2020.
Dusk Garden Into the Sunrise
Green Garden-botanical watercolor by Ingrid Sanchez, Meanwhile 2020. Floral Immersion-watercolor by Ingrid Sanchez, Meanwhile 2020.
Green Garden Floral Immersion


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April 01, 2020 — Ingrid Sanchez
Botanica original floral art by CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez. Autumn Collection 2019, London.

Botanica | Autumn Collection 2019

When the body feels like it's getting sick, the first thing that comes to my mind is tea. In Mexico, before even going to the doctor, we first try to fix everything with plants. There are many ways to use them, but tea is the most common: Stomach ache? Chamomile tea. Cough? Bougainvillea tea. Insomnia? Linden tea. Are you in need of a love spell? Toloache tea! (a dangerous one though).

Botanica original floral art by CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez. Autumn Collection 2019, London. Ingrid Sanchez, AKA CreativeIngrid painting in her studio in London, Botanica Autumn 2019.

And where do we buy these magical herbs? In the 'tienda botánica', which translates as 'plant store'. These shops are truly magical for the eyes and senses, you can find dried flowers, incense, medicinal herbs, candles, amulets, the list is endless.

Botanica is a word that reminds me of home, but since I live in London the meaning in my mind has slightly changed to a place where plants are taken care of, it makes me think in a botanical garden or nursery.

For my autumn collection I wanted to use this word as inspiration. Mixing the idea of magical spells and bringing the healing power of flowers into our lives.

Floral Spell, original watercolor painting by artist Ingrid Sanchez. London, 2019. Floral Spell, original watercolor painting by artist Ingrid Sanchez. London, 2019.
 Floral Spell Midnight Kiss
Wisdom, large floral watercolor painting by artist Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid. Shimmer Evening, Modern abstract painting by Ingrid-Sanchez, CreativeIngrid.
Wisdom Shimmer Evening
Floral Delight, Floral painting by Ingrid Sanchez. Sweet Breeze, Botanical art by Ingrid Sanchez.
Floral Delight Sweet Breeze
Botanical Whirlwind, abstract red botanical art by Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid. Enchanted Garden, large flowers original botanical watercolor art by Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid. London.
Botanical Whirlwind Enchanted Garden


Originals available from this collection

October 01, 2019 — Ingrid Sanchez
Bloom, spring collection 2019. Original Floral art by artist CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez in London.

Bloom | Spring Collection 2019

I love fireworks, I always have. They are loud, colorful and usually happen on days of celebration. And there is nothing that I celebrate more than Spring in London, when everything comes back to life and flowers just sprout everywhere.

Bloom, spring collection London, 2019. Original Floral art by artist CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez. Flowers in my head by artist CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez. London 2019.

For this season I wanted to paint that feeling, something that made me smile for no reason apart from the joy of seeing the colors and the movement. I always translate any theme into a floral celebration anyway, so it just felt right.

I painted a collection of big floral explosions and chose the perfect name for it: 'Bloom'.

Super Bloom, wall art of large florals by watercolor artist Ingrid Sanchez, AKA CreativeIngrid. Cosmic Hug, Abstract watercolor of large red flowers by Ingrid Sanchez. London 2019.
 Super Bloom Cosmic Hug
Bright bloom-Ingrid Sanchez, London 2020. Floral Fireworks, vibrant artwork of flowers by Ingrid Sanchez. London 2019.
Bright Bloom Floral Fireworks
Awaken, vibrant pink floral painting by Ingrid Sanchez. Aware, large wall art of abstract botanicals and flowers by Ingrid Sanchez, AKA CreativeIngrid.
Awaken Aware
Garden in bloom, floral pattern with modern art. Original painting of vibrant flowers by Ingrid-Sanchez.
Blooming Wild, original painting by mexican-british artist Ingrid Sanchez, AKA CreativeIngrid. Art for your walls.
Garden in bloom Blooming Wild


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May 01, 2019 — Ingrid Sanchez