As an artist, I often find myself painting what's yet to come, which sometimes makes me forget to enjoy the present moment. It's kind of funny—like painting Spring Collections while it's still cold and wintry outside! But hey, that's the magic of art, right? It brings color and brightness even in the darkest times.

Spring Collection 2024 | Original paintings by Ingrid Sanchez. Artist Ingrid Sanchez working in her art studio in West London.


This year, I decided to slow down and really be in the moment. With all the noise from social media and running a business, it's easy to forget about taking care of our mental health. So, during the quiet winter days, I took some time to explore my feelings and paint what I love the most.

That's where 'Transitions' comes in. It's not just about the changing seasons; it's also about how we change inside. Inspired by nature's ever-changing beauty, these paintings take you on a journey through the ups and downs of each season, reminding us to be kind to ourselves along the way.


Leaves under the dusk moon. Ingrid Sanchez, London 2024.
Winter's Thaw. Ingrid Sanchez, London 2024.
Leaves under the dusk moon Winter's Thaw
Magnolias at dusk. Ingrid Sanchez, London 2024.
Sunrise to Moonset Blooms. Ingrid Sanchez, London, 2024.
Magnolias at dusk Sunrise to Moonset Blooms
Ginkgo Leaves under the Starry Sky. Ingrid Sanchez, London 2024.
Floral Moonrise. Ingrid Sanchez, London 2024.
Ginkgo Leaves under the starry sky  Floral Moonrise
Willow reflection in a koi pond. Ingrid Sanchez, London 2024. Moon Orchid. Ingrid Sanchez, London 2024.
Willow reflection in a koi pond Moon Orchid


Originals available from this collection

February 21, 2024 — Ingrid Sanchez