It is not a secret that I love plants, but I rarely mention that I also have a deep fascination for rocks, colourful pebbles and minerals. During the lockdown I found comfort in the memories that my pebble collection gave me and the idea of this collection was born.

Pebble Art Collection showcasing original watercolors by artist Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid. pebble heart watercolor wall art by CreativeIngrid


Since my sister and I were little girls we loved collecting stones. We would walk and collect a bunch of them and then sit down, examine and even rate them. We were always in search of the weirdest one, I remember her saying they looked like little planets.

As a result I have lots of little pebbles from lots of parts of the world. Every time I move to a new place I take them with me and I have lived in four different countries!

If my first collection of 2020 was about dreaming with the garden I desperately wanted to visit, my second collection is about another dream or wish: walk again with my sister in a lost beach and look for a planet stone that we can show to our beloved ones.

colorful pebbles watercolor art print-CreativeIngrid pebble beach watercolor by Ingrid Sanchez-CreativeIngrid
Colorful Pebbles Pebble Beach
Cosmic Pebble wall art by Ingrid Sanchez-CreativeIngrid Pebbles Underwater artwork by Ingrid Sanchez-CreativeIngrid
Cosmic Pebble Pebbles Underwater


Originals available from this collection

August 04, 2020 — Ingrid Sanchez