During the final months of 2021 I started to feel deeply tired, like a wave of emotions was hitting me in the middle of a storm. I think that I was going through a grieving process resulting from the struggles of the pandemic combined with a long battle with my health.

After the Storm, Spring Collection 2022

I made a long pause for my own wellbeing, which made me realize that art is what has kept me sane all this time. The process of creation is, at least for me, very powerful. All the planning in my head, the constant search for inspiration, the movement of my body while dancing on the paper. But there is so much more. When I paint, I feel like I disappear, maybe because I move and breathe in a way that takes me into a very deep form of meditation. Painting has become a healing process where all I have to do is be present.

One day I finally felt that I was coming out of a storm, and I really wanted to paint this feeling. What happens to us after the struggle? How does mother earth show us that the storm has passed? After the rain we get rainbows, the smell of wet earth and everything looks brighter. This is the energy I poured into my Spring Collection 2022, and I called it: ‘After the storm’.

Blooming Heart, Ingrid Sanchez-Spring Collection 2022
Rain Sprouts, Ingrid Sanchez-Spring Collection 2022
Blooming Heart
Rain Sprouts
Orange Super Bloom, Ingrid Sanchez-Spring Collection 2022
Midnight Whisper, Ingrid Sanchez-Spring Collection 2022
Orange Super Bloom
Midnight Whisper
Everlasting Blooms, Ingrid Sanchez-Spring Collection 2022
Earthy Blossoms, Ingrid Sanchez-Spring Collection 2022
Everlasting Blooms
Earthy Blossoms
Night Blooming Heart, Ingrid Sanchez - Spring Collection 2022 Floral Night, Ingrid Sanchez-Spring Collection 2022
Night Blooming Heart
Floral Night


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March 08, 2022 — Ingrid Sanchez