My latest collections have been dedicated to the gardens and open spaces that have been there for us to walk, get inspired by, meet with friends and somehow, take care of our mental health. This season, I wanted to bring our attention to our homes. Interior plants are also incredibly important to our health. They clean our air, give us company and, with their beauty, can immediately transform any space.

Portraits of leaves, Autumn Collection 2021, Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid.
Artist Ingrid Sanchez, AKA CreativeIngrid painting modern botanical paintings in her art studio located in London. Photo: Azu Morales.


It has always been a natural thing for me to surround myself with plants of all kinds. Many of my plants were once just a piece of root or leaf that I found while walking on the street, others were once dying and put on sale. Almost all of my green companions have a backstory that I cherish. Maybe for this reason I feel so close to them, and it is not unusual for me to name them and put a big deal of time in finding the right spot for the until I sense they are happy. I also talk and sing to them when it is time for a drink, and I love seeing them grow and propagate.


If you are my friend and come to my house, it is quite possible you will leave with a baby plant. It is also very common for my friends and sometimes my students arrive to my studio with a potted plant. Is there anything sweeter than giving or receiving a living plant as a gift?


For my Autumn Collection 2021, I gathered some of my favourite plant companions and painted a portrait of them. This is the first time that I have a whole collection that is focused on leaves rather than flowers. I tried a new approach that also required more planning, but I hope that it will highlight the gratitude I feel for these living beings. It is also my wish that we become more aware of them and their needs; after all they are constantly working to improve the air that we breathe.


Monstera, Blue Magic. Original watercolor painting by Ingrid Sanchez, 2021. Fig Plant Dream, Original art of a Fig plant with bright green and turquoise leaves and a background of a blue galaxy texture. Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid 2021.
Monstera, Blue Magic
Fig Plant Dream
Prayer Plant watercolor with olive green and yellow leaves, finished with details of red and pink. Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid 2021. Corn Plant painting with lots of different green and blue shades and a hint of warm earthy red.  Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid 2021.
Prayer Plant
Corn Plant
Portrait of a Pilea plant with a focus in their unusual leaves, and using earthy tones that resemble a mushroom.  Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid 2021. Plant portrait painting of a Pink Polka Dot using a light pink, different shades of greens and playful leafy shapes with black ink.  Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid 2021.
Pilea Leaves Pink Polka Dot
Large leaves of a Polka Dot Begonia highlighting their white dots over a blending of green shades and a deep burgundy.  Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid 2021. Leaves of a tradescantia plant thriving in a variety of colors, from pale greens, blue, soft pink and burgundy.  Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid 2021.
Polka Dot Begonia Tradescantia


Originals available from this collection

September 03, 2021 — Ingrid Sanchez