I absolutely love how my garden bursts into a riot of colors and life every year when everything starts to bloom. There's this special joy when my tea roses and sunflowers open up, announcing that bumble bees are on their way. With this collection, I just wanted to capture the magic of this yearly show, celebrating the beauty of flowers and the cute winged friends that drop by.

Wings and Blooms, Autumn Collection 2023 by Ingrid Sanchez. Watercolor sunflowers by Ingrid Sanchez.


It all begins with my bright sunflowers in August, buzzing with bumble bees, marking the start of summer. Then, the collection moves on to elegant lotus flowers and the graceful dance of dragonflies, showing the magical shift between seasons. The subtle presence of butterflies and their moons serves as a reminder of the constant movement and change in nature. Finally, the flying crows against the vibrant nasturtium leaves signal the end of the blooming season.

With every brushstroke, I'm trying to capture the sweet harmony between the flowers and the little winged visitors. I hope you enjoy getting lost in the ever-changing story of my enchanting garden.


Sunflowers, two bumble-bees and the moon, original watercolor painting.
Three bumble bees and the sunflowers, original watercolor by Ingrid Sanchez.
Sunflowers, two bumble bees and the moon Three bumble bees and the sunflowers
Lotus Night Spirit, Ingrid Sanchez.
Butterfly Dream, original painting by Ingrid Sanchez.
Lotus Night Spirit Butterfly Dream
Shy Crow and the Hummingbird by Ingrid Sanchez.
Dreamlike Blooms, Ingrid Sanchez.
Shy Crow and the Hummingbird Dreamlike-Blooms


Originals available from this collection

December 07, 2023 — Ingrid Sanchez