I am usually very certain about what I want to paint at the beginning of every season. But this year was different, I changed my mind and twice re-started this collection from scratch. A difficult year and the travel restrictions meant that I had to stay in London in winter for the first time in many years. And it felt like a very long winter, never before has my wait for the arrival of Spring felt so endless.

Gardens-Paintings-Ingrid-Sanchez-CreativeIngrid-Spring-2021-Flower-Art-Collection Pink polka dot plant


Something changed too: I moved to a new house with a small garden. Even though I grew up in Mexico with two gardens at my parent's house, this is the first time in my adult life that I have a garden of my own. I always loved plants and sometimes my house feels more like a greenhouse. I feel like I know a big deal about interior plants, but outdoor plants is a whole other world I've been learning about and studying in the last few weeks.


I've been growing seeds and bulbs in my kitchen, waiting for Spring and warmer weather. During this process of research and preparing the ground of my garden, I realized that I needed to create a collection that felt rawer but soft and delicate, to capture the smell of the earth and the promise of new blooms.


The name of my Spring collection is 'Gardens', and it is dedicated to all those open spaces that have been there for us to walk and be inspired. I know that walking through the different gardens last year helped me to stay positive, every step was a reminder that I was alive and at one with mother earth.


Petit Perennial, modern botanical art by Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid. London Spring 2021. Painting of pink flowers emerging from a magical green background. 'Sunrise Garden' Ingrid Sanchez, CreativeIngrid. London Spring 2021.
Petit Perennial
Sunrise Garden
Small yellow flowers and large blooms merging with an ethereal leafy background. 'Soulful Yellow Garden', Spring Collection 2021. London, Ingrid Sanchez. A garden painting filled with small flowers in different shades from light pink to deep purple over a layer of olive leaves and fresh ground. 'Ground Spell Garden', Ingrid Sanchez. Spring Collection 2021, London Art.
Soulful Yellow Garden Ground Spell Garden
A bold colorful garden artwork of flowers in pink, burgundy, purple and orange falling into the dusk. 'Pink Dusk Garden', Ingrid Sanchez. Spring Collection 2021, London Botanical Garden Art. CreativeIngrid.  'Nightfall Garden' is a painting in intense blue and green shades, with a soft pink in the background. Ingrid Sanchez, Art Spring Collection 2021.
Pink Dusk Garden Nightfall Garden
'Rose Garden', original watercolor painting by artist Ingrid Sanchez. Spring Collection 2021. London. White wisteria watercolor painting with bright green leaves and a purple wisteria background. Original art by artist Ingrid Sanchez, AKA CreativeIngrid. London 2021.
Rose Garden White Wisteria


Originals available from this collection


April 22, 2021 — Ingrid Sanchez