Things to do in London: Exploring Queen Mary's Rose Gardens: A London Gem for Artists and Nature Lovers

Exploring Queen Mary's Rose Gardens: A London Gem for Artists and Nature Lovers

As a watercolor artist, my main source of inspiration is nature. One of my favorite places to immerse myself in natural beauty is Queen Mary's Rose Gardens in London. This garden starts blooming in May and continues to enchant visitors throughout the summer, evolving in beauty month by month.

In my latest YouTube video, I invite you to join me on a tour of this stunning garden. Watch as I share my passion for flowers and demonstrate how I capture their beauty in my watercolor paintings. I love taking long walks, soaking in the vibrant colors and delicate forms, and then returning to my studio to paint these memories.

Whether you're visiting London or seeking inspiration, Queen Mary's Rose Gardens is a must-see destination. The gardens boast a diverse array of roses that bloom throughout the summer, offering endless inspiration for artists and nature lovers alike.

Don't miss out! Watch the video until the end to witness how I translate the enchanting beauty of this garden into a beautiful watercolor piece.


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July 05, 2024 — Ingrid Sanchez
Harnessing Nature's Beauty for Your Artistic Inspiration

Harnessing Nature's Beauty for Your Artistic Inspiration

For me, nature has always been the ultimate muse. There's something about its untouched beauty that ignites my creativity like nothing else can. It's impossible not to feel a sense of wonder and imagination wash over me every time I'm surrounded by its beauty. Whether it's the vibrant spring flowers or the delicate petals of a blossoming rose, each element of nature tells me its own unique story, waiting to be discovered. 

I believe that every artist has their own way of interpreting and expressing the beauty of nature differently through various mediums and styles and these unique experiences, whether abstract or realistic, are reflected in their artwork.

Ferns in Meanwhile Gardens Green Garden, 2020

Stepping into nature is like stepping into a world of endless possibilities of finding inspiration for your artwork. 

Sure, you can find inspiration in museums, magazines, or even on Pinterest, but there's something truly magical about spending time alone in nature. Just being present, soaking in peace and tranquillity, can spark ideas and inspire your creativity in ways you never thought possible.

How can I unlock my Creative block?

Whether you're a beginner looking to build your skills or an experienced artist in search of fresh ideas, immersing yourself in the natural world can breathe new life into your creative journey. Most importantly, if you ever find yourself going through a creativity block, my advice is simple: go outside, embrace nature, observe the smallest details like textures, colors and movements. Instead of just seeing, I would also suggest you to feel the air, touch the leaves and listen to the surrounding sounds. Don’t worry about the ideas now, simply enjoy and live in the moment. Once you go back to the studio, start by painting whatever speaks to your soul, and watch as the room of inspiration opens before you.

Always remember, Inspiration from nature isn't about copying what you see; it's about feeling the experience it gives you.

Here are five ways I find my inspiration:

1. Immersing In Nearby Nature

Explore nature wherever you find it, whether it's a local park, your backyard garden, or a countryside stroll. I always sit and soak in the peaceful surroundings of my garden studio or visit my favourite garden in my neighbourhood, ‘Meanwhile Gardens’. This place saved my mental health during the pandemic and inspired my Spring Collection 2020—the first collection where I applied masking fluid in layers as I do know, an idea that originated during a visit to this garden!

Check out the Meanwhile Garden, Spring Collection 2020. Meanwhile Gardens


2. Capturing Every Moment with Your Camera

As an artist, nature is my main inspiration. Thus, I click countless photos from various angles and directions, I capture the surrounding beauty – you never know what might inspire your creativity later on. Experimenting with different settings and taking photos at different times of day helps me discover new perspectives and ideas. Check out my Master Class No.1 where I discuss how these photos inspired me to create the watercolor monstera.

Putting together my selected photos to create a mood board is a fantastic way for me to explore unique color palettes and smooth my creative process.

Mini monstera painting from my Master class No.1 Photo of Monstera Leaf, exploring different angles


3. Reflecting and Meditating

I find a quiet spot in nature to sit, reflect, and meditate. I allow my mind to be clear and my thoughts to flow freely, connecting with the surroundings at a deeper level. I make sure to be fully present in the moment, just as our minds use dreams during sleep to analyse the experiences we’ve had in the past. Continuous painting can drain both my energy and mind, so it's important for me to take breaks and simply relax, doing nothing at all.

Nature's beauty is both inspiration and relaxation, with every moment spent soaking it in.

4. Taking Notes

I am known for my non-sketching approach, but I always make sure to bring along my journal and pencils to scribble notes of interesting scenes or objects I come across. This allows me to observe and interpret the world uniquely. These serve as references or starting points for my future artworks, also helping me overcome creative blocks.

5. Creating Artwork

Once I return to my studio, I always take a moment to reflect on my experiences. When I feel ready, I start making art inspired by what I saw. I love experimenting with different materials and textures to develop my signature style. And you know what? I don't worry about making it perfect; I just start painting, and things always seem to fall into place. I let my imagination run wild and allow nature to guide me in finding my own artistic way. Plus, I've learned that it's okay to make mistakes – sometimes they lead to the most amazing discoveries!

You know, the best part about nature? It's the endless color inspiration it provides. From the soft hues of dawn to the rich tones of dusk, there's a whole spectrum of colors just waiting to be explored. I love embracing the dance of light and shadow and playing with different shades to add depth to my artwork. And you know what? It's this infinite palette of colors that keeps me inspired on my artistic journey.

As I wrap up, I just want to remind you: creativity is everywhere – we just have to open our eyes to it. So let's take a moment to soak it all in and let our ideas flow free!

March 25, 2024 — Ingrid Sanchez
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