Every painting and every collection that I paint is always personal. I need the energy of an experience to drive my brushes in a way that I can feel what is happening on the paper when I move.

Meanwhile Gardens, Spring collection 2020 by CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez. Original Watercolour Art. Meanwhile gardens in West London. CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez.

This collection was born under the uncertainty and chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the beginning of the year I travelled to NYC to teach a workshop, followed by a trip to Mexico to visit family and then it happened, the virus was becoming a pandemic. Eventually I found my way home to London, just to find out that we were going to be in lock down for an indefinitely time.

Back home I started painting dreaming to go out for a walk with friends to see the gardens, Spring is the most wonderful season in London. I also got the virus and as my body was fighting to feel better, I have to admit I was very scared. Everything I could think about was family, friends and mother earth. I was wondering if I was ever going to be able to see the roses flourish again at Regent Park... and I got better.

When I was able to leave my flat and strong enough to walk, I went to one of my favourite places, a hidden gem in West London: the Meanwhile Gardens. This is the place I always go to walk, rest my mind and gather inspiration. When I arrived and saw the wooden sign at the entrance, I knew this collection was meant to be about this garden. After all it feels that we are living a Meanwhile moment.

Originals available from this collection

April 01, 2020 — Ingrid Sanchez