As a watercolor artist, my main source of inspiration is nature. One of my favorite places to immerse myself in natural beauty is Queen Mary's Rose Gardens in London. This garden starts blooming in May and continues to enchant visitors throughout the summer, evolving in beauty month by month.

In my latest YouTube video, I invite you to join me on a tour of this stunning garden. Watch as I share my passion for flowers and demonstrate how I capture their beauty in my watercolor paintings. I love taking long walks, soaking in the vibrant colors and delicate forms, and then returning to my studio to paint these memories.

Whether you're visiting London or seeking inspiration, Queen Mary's Rose Gardens is a must-see destination. The gardens boast a diverse array of roses that bloom throughout the summer, offering endless inspiration for artists and nature lovers alike.

Don't miss out! Watch the video until the end to witness how I translate the enchanting beauty of this garden into a beautiful watercolor piece.


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July 05, 2024 — Ingrid Sanchez

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