I obviously love flowers and constantly use them as source of inspiration to create colourful palettes and brush strokes with a floral feel. But I noticed that I rarely paint bouquets and I wondered how a loose and abstract interpretation would look.

Bouquet original watercolor paintings by artist Ingrid-Sanchez AKA CreativeIngrid. Summer Collection, London 2018. Photo of hands holding a bouquet of lilies and roses by artist CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez. London 2018.

With this idea in mind I started the 'Bouquet' collection and eight paintings were born. No jars contain these flowers and I portrayed them from all different angles. The result is a group of watercolours filled with movement and colour that contain all the vibrancy of a warm summer.

Originals available from this collection

August 01, 2018 — Ingrid Sanchez