I obviously love flowers and constantly use them as source of inspiration to create colourful palettes and brush strokes with a floral feel. But I noticed that I rarely paint bouquets and I wondered how a loose and abstract interpretation would look.

Bouquet original watercolor paintings by artist Ingrid-Sanchez AKA CreativeIngrid. Summer Collection, London 2018. Photo of hands holding a bouquet of lilies and roses by artist CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez. London 2018.

With this idea in mind I started the 'Bouquet' collection and eight paintings were born. No jars contain these flowers and I portrayed them from all different angles. The result is a group of watercolours filled with movement and colour that contain all the vibrancy of a warm summer.

Big Bouquet, watercolor bouquet of flowers by Ingrid-Sanchez, AKA CreativeIngrid. Floral Bustle, bright and colorful watercolor painting. Wall art by Ingrid Sanchez.
Big Bouquet Floral Bustle
Wild Bouquet, mixed media florals by Ingrid Sanchez. Woodland, large artwork for interior design in green and orange shades. Ingrid-Sanchez, London.
Wild Bouquet Woodland
Nectar, watercolor bouquet by Ingrid Sanchez. London, 2018. Hidden Rose, artwork by Ingrid Sanchez.
Nectar Hidden Rose
Caramel, watercolor bouquet of flowers by Ingrid Sanchez. Aura, flowers and watercolor palette. Ingrid Sanchez.
Caramel Aura

Originals available from this collection

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August 01, 2018 — Ingrid Sanchez