When I think about meeting with friends, my mind goes to the forest. This is because my closest tribe enjoy nature as much as I do, and we usually meet for a walk in the forest before sitting down in a coffee shop or restaurant.

Wildlife Collection of original watercolour paintings by Ingrid Sanchez | Winter Collection 2018. Photo with hand with dried flowers by artist CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez. London 2018.

I love our walks during winter when there is a dramatic change of the landscape. I find fascinating the shapes of the branches and the movement of the fallen leaves. They remind me of all the flowers that I gather during the year and dry at home.

This collection was inspired by those shapes. In each painting I used a specific flower or branch, I let them speak to me and translated those whispers into colors and movement. I called this collection 'Wildlife'.

Silhouettes, flowers and leaves painted with watercolors by Ingrid-Sanchez. London 2018. Turquoise Wave, abstract turquoise painting inspired in nature by Ingrid Sanchez.
Silhouettes Turquoise Wave
Whisper, a painting of soft pink, salmon and orange flowers by watercolor artist Ingrid-Sanchez. London 2018. Fade, abstract leaves and flowers in fucsia and bright yellow. Modern botanicals by Ingrid Sanchez, AKA CreativeIngrid.
Whisper Fade
Sweet Dreams, floral mixed media by Ingrid Sanchez. Orange Bloom, watercolor of large orange flowers with a purple and golden background. Modern watercolor by Ingrid Sanchez.
Sweet Dreams Orange bloom
Inbetween-art by Ingrid-Sanchez. Soulmate, artwork by Ingrid Sanchez.
In Between Soulmate

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October 01, 2018 — Ingrid Sanchez