When I think about meeting with friends, my mind goes to the forest. This is because my closest tribe enjoy nature as much as I do and we usually meet for a walk in the forest before sitting down in a coffee shop or restaurant.

Wildlife Collection of original watercolour paintings by Ingrid Sanchez | Winter Collection 2018. Photo with hand with dried flowers by artist CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez. London 2018.

I love our walks during winter when there is a dramatic change of the landscape. I find particularly interesting the shapes of the branches and the movement of the fallen leaves. They remind me to all the flowers that I gather during the year and dry at home.

This collection was inspired by those shapes. In each painting I used a specific flower or branch, I let them speak to me and translated those whispers into colours and movement. I called this collection 'Wildlife'.

Originals available from this collection

October 01, 2018 — Ingrid Sanchez