I am from a country that don't know about seasons, or at least not in the way we do in England. The first time I experienced winter in my life was the first time I travelled to London, I was 24 years old. I swore I will never live in a country as cold as this one and 13 years later here I am.

Awake, collection of botanical abstract paintings by CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez. Spring Collection 2018. Watercolor artist Ingrid Sanchez, AKA CretiveIngrid in her studio. London 2018.

Now I love change, I love to experience the warm from Summer, the colors of Autumn and the long winters under blankets and tea, lots of tea. But there is nothing that bring as much happiness like Spring. Everything comes back to life, everything flourish, and we feel happy and alive. The 'Awake' collection takes its name from this amazing explosion of happiness when we are ready to experience the blooms of the new season. 

Glimpse, purple abstract florals. Ingrid Sanchez, London 2018. Willd Palm, mixed media painting by Ingrid Sanchez.
Glimpse Wild Palm
Wildflower, modern art by Ingrid Sanchez. Watercolor on paper, London 2018. Floral hug, abstract art of large red flowers with a navy blue background. Mixed media by Ingrid Sanchez, London 2018.
Wildflower Floral Hug
Meadow, original watercolor on sale. Ingrid-Sanchez | CreativeIngrid. Thrive, large floral watercolor by Ingrid-Sanchez, AKA CreativeIngrid.
Meadow Thrive
Abstract Dream, mixed media painting by Ingrid-Sanchez. Large abstract wall art with red and orange blooms.
Abstract Dream Under a Tree

Originals available from this collection

March 25, 2018 — Ingrid Sanchez