BOLD: fearless before danger : intrepid; showing or requiring a fearless daring spirit; impudent, presumptuous.

Bold collection of watercolours by artist Ingrid Sanchez, AKA CreativeIngrid. London, Summer 2017. Sunflowers with a watercolour painting behind by CreativeIngrid | Ingrid Sanchez.

When I meet someone for the first time, the question of what I do for a living occasionally pops up. Usually saying “I am an artist” is not enough because a lot of people consider painting to be more of a hobby than a real job. When I go on to explain that “I paint flowers” I completely lose them. Why would anyone paint flowers? And what kind of flowers do I paint?

After one of these conversations where people seems to give up trying to understand I thought that women, artists and flowers have a lot in common; we are constantly misunderstood. And with these thoughts I decided to paint a new collection of flowers, but bigger and more colourful than ever. Flowers are delicate but strong, they are there to be loved and help us talk to others through them. I wanted a collection where nature and flowers shouted from their silence and I could not think of a better name for it than “Bold”.

The originals from this collection are sold out

June 01, 2017 — Ingrid Sanchez